Unit of Measure

Total Capacity

N/A 92000 Btu/hr

Net Sensible Capacity

N/A 65500 Btu/hr

Net Latent Capacity

N/A 26500 Btu/hr


N/A 11.6


N/A 13.00

Sound Rating

N/A 8.6 dB

Indoor CFM

N/A 2800 ft³/min


N/A 460 V


N/A 60 Hz

Number of Phases

N/A 3

Fan Full Load Amps

N/A 2.2 A

Minimum Circuit Ampacity

N/A 21 A

Fuse or HACR Circuit Breaker - Maximum

N/A 25 A

Unit FLA

N/A 17.5 A


N/A 307 lb

Shipping Weight

N/A 313 lb

Rated Load Amps

N/A 13.6 A

Locked Rotor Amps

N/A 100 A


N/A 1


N/A Scroll


N/A 3500 rpm


N/A 1


N/A 5700 ft³/min


N/A 26 in

Motor Horsepower

N/A 1/2 hp




N/A 975 rpm


N/A 460 V


N/A 1


N/A 1


N/A 2

Fins per Inch

N/A 22


N/A 32.44 ft²

Fins Material

N/A Aluminium

Tubes Material

N/A Copper

Fins/Tubes Diameter

N/A 3/8 in


N/A 35 3/4 in


N/A 35 3/4 in


N/A 51 in


  • New composite base pan – dampens sound, captures louver panels, eliminates corrosion and reduces number of fasteners needed
  • Powder coat paint system – for a long lasting professional finish
  • Scroll compressor – uses 70% fewer moving parts for higher efficiency and increased reliability
  • Modern cabinet aesthetics – increased curb appeal with visually appealing design
  • Curved louver panels – provide ultimate coil protection, enhance cabinet strength, and increased cabinet rigidity
  • Optimized fan orifice – optimizes airflow and reduces unit sound
  • Rust resistant screws – confirmed through 1500-hour salt spray testing
  • PlusOne™ Expanded Valve Space – 3"-4"-5" service valve space – provides a minimum working area of 27-square inches for easier access
  • PlusOne™ Triple Service Access – 15" wide, industry leading corner service access – makes repairs easier and faster. The two fastener removable corner allows optimal access to internal unit components. Individual louver panels come out once fastener is removed, for faster coil cleaning and easier cabinet reassembly
  • Diagnostic service window with two-fastener opening – provides access to the high and low pressure.
  • External gauge port access – allows easy connection of “low-loss” gauge ports
  • 35% fewer cabinet fasteners and fastener-free base – allow for faster access to internal components and hassle-free panel removal
  • Service trays – hold fasteners or caps during service calls
  • QR code – provides technical information on demand for faster service calls
  • Fan motor harness with extra long wires allows unit top to be removed without disconnecting fan wire.
  • Low ambient control – a pressure sensitive fan cycling control allows operation of units down to 0°F [-18°C].
  • High pressure control – manual reset control deactivates system if abnormally high pressure occurs.
  • Low pressure control – automatic reset control deactivates system if abnormally low pressure or refrigerant loss occurs.
  • Service valves – standard on liquid and suction lines.
  • Condenser fan motors – direct drive, single-phase permanently lubricated ECM motors with inherent overload protection.
  • Transformer – 50VA step-down type, from Line to 24 volts.
  • Contactor – the contactor is an electrical switch which operates the compressor and condenser fans. Its 24 volt coil is activated through the High Pressure Control and Low Pressure Control on a call for cooling.
  • Equipment ground – lug for field connection of ground wire.
  • Testing – all units are run tested at the factory prior to shipment. Units are shipped with a holding charge of nitrogen.
  • Compressor time delay control – compressor will remain off for five minutes after power or thermostat interruption, allowing system pressures to equalize. (Model No. RXMD-B01)
  • Filter/Drier – a liquid line filter drier is shipped with each unit for field installation.