Unit of Measure

Total Capacity

N/A 146000 Btu/hr

Net Sensible Capacity

N/A 112000 Btu/hr

Net Latent Capacity

N/A 34000 Btu/hr


N/A 11.10


N/A 14.6

Sound Rating

N/A 88 dB

Indoor CFM

N/A 5000 ft³/min


N/A 460 V


N/A 60 Hz

Number of Phases

N/A 3

Fan Full Load Amps

N/A 2.8 A

Minimum Circuit Ampacity

N/A 27 A

Fuse or HACR Circuit Breaker - Minimum

N/A 30 A

Fuse or HACR Circuit Breaker - Maximum

N/A 35 A

Refrigeration Per Circuit

N/A 378 oz


N/A 650 lb

Shipping Weight

N/A 690 lb

Rated Load Amps

N/A 10.6 A

Locked Rotor Amps

N/A 75 A


N/A Scroll

Face Area

N/A 32.88 ft²

No. Rows

N/A 2


N/A 8000 ft³/min


N/A 24 in


N/A 38 3/8 in


N/A 72 3/8 in


N/A 44 3/8 in


  • CABINET—Galvanized steel with a durable powder paint finish. Stamped louvered panels offer 100% protection for the condenser coil.
  • COMPRESSOR—The Scroll Compressor is hermetically sealed with internal overload protection and durable insulation on motor windings. The entire compressor is mounted on rubber grommets to reduce vibration and noise.
  • CONDENSER COIL—Constructed with copper tubes and aluminum fins mechanically bonded to the tubes for maximum heat transfer capabilities.
  • BASE PAN—Galvanized steel with powder paint finish.
  • REFRIGERANT CONNECTIONS—Field piping connections are made through a fixed panel. This allows removal of access panels after piping connections have been made.
  • CRANKCASE HEATERS—Standard, all models. Prevents refrigerant migration to compressor(s).
  • LOW AMBIENT CONTROL—A pressure sensitive fan cycling control to allow unit operation down to 0°F [–17.8°C] is standard.
  • SERVICE VALVES—Standard on liquid and suction lines. Allows outdoor section to be isolated from indoor coil.
  • SERVICE ACCESS—Control box as well as the compressor and other refrigerant controls are accessible through access panels. Control box may be open without affecting the normal operation of the unit. Condenser fan motors are accessible by removing wire grilles.
  • FILTER DRIER—Standard (uninstalled) on all models. Helps ensure refrigerant cleanliness.
  • TRANSFORMER—Step-down type, line to 24 volts. Provides control circuit voltage.
  • CONTACTOR—The contactor is an electrical switch which operates the compressor and condenser fans.
  • HIGH PRESSURE CONTROL—Opens the contactor circuit on high refrigerant pressure; manual reset.
  • LOW PRESSURE CONTROL—Stops compressor operation in the event of loss of refrigerant.
  • CONDENSER FAN MOTOR (Direct Drive)—Ball bearing 1075 RPM motors are mounted to minimize vibration and noise problems. These are permanent split capacitor types.
  • TESTING—All units are run tested at the factory prior to shipment. Units are shipped with a holding charge of nitrogen.
  • EXTERNAL GAUGE PORTS—Allows pressures to be checked without removing access panel.
  • COIL LOUVERS—Helps prevent damage to outdoor coils.
  • TIME DELAY—Supplied on tandem compressor models to provide a delay between stages.
  • EQUIPMENTGROUND—Lug for field connection of ground wire.